Sun-Kissed Tan

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Norvell Spray Tanning

Norvell Spray Tan System. Spray tans are by appointment only.  Spray solution has DHA and bronzers in it. The color of the bronzer is "dark". At this time it is the only color solution we will be offering. You will notice the bronzers in the spray right away. The DHA starts to work within the first few hours and will continue to build up to 24 hours. A Norvell Spray tan will last on average 5 to 7 days. No two people will respond the same way to a spray tan. A costumer will need to make their appointment at least one day in advance.There is a release/client form they will need to fill out and prep list they need to follow. It's best to stop and pick up the prep form ahead of time. The better the skin is prepared for a spray tan the longer the color will last. It's best to wear disposable undergarments and dark, loose fitting clothes for after the session. The bronzers will wash off so it's important to avoid water, perspiring, etc in the first 24 hours. This product will stain silk and satin but should wash out of other materials. Stop on by today to see what this is all about!!


Hastings' first and most powerful high-pressure bed! 

What's the big deal about the MATRIX, you ask?

A tremendous tan in as little as 3 to 5 sessions. That's what the big deal is! 

  • 22,740 watts of pure tanning power! (average tanning bed has about 2800 watts)
  • Fewer sessions mean you use less lotion to get to that great tanning level = saving you $$$.
  • Maintain your tan with one session per week!
  • A huge bed that allows you to "spread out"! COMFORTABLE!

Matrix Extreme

The Matrix Extreme is a 12 minute bed with 23,550 total watts! Treat yourself to the best!

Mega Bed (Malibu)

Remember our Mega bed? Well, we've turned it up a notch with the Malibu. Almost 8500 watts of tanning power, and you'll say "Nice!"


The Pacifica is for those who want a step up from the Santa Barbara. With 12 minute session time, you can get the color you want in a shorter time. Some call it a "Baby Mega-bed". You will love it!

Santa Barbara

All of the base beds are the awesome Santa Barbara! 32 lamps, a built-in stereo and body fans take entry level beds to a new level! You WILL love these beds!