Sun-Kissed Tan

Hastings, Mn 651-437-3400

"I have been a loyal client of Sun-Kissed Tan for the last 17 years. The owners and employees have been awesome to accommodate me with every courtesy. The hours are great for my work schedule, the availability of a variety of beds, and excellent pricing sets the stage for a wonderful place to tan. Try it. I know you like like it. Sun-Kissed Tan has a way of becoming a good habit summer and winter. YAH!!!!!!!!" - Rita B.

"I really enjoy Sun-Kissed Tan, after a morning of working out at the gym, I find a quick tan is the perfect way to wrap up a good day!" - Brad B.

"I love Sun-Kissed Tan!  The staff is always friendly and helpful.  They have great deals on tanning and lotions too!  If you want to be tan for your vacation - This is the place!"  Diane G.

"I have been tanning twice a week for over 25 years.  It is one of the things I do for me.  I feel I look better with a tan and I haven't had a cold for years which, I attribute to the Vitamin D my body receives while I'm tanning along with a healthy lifestyle.  Sun-Kissed has great deals and is always clean.  The personnel are friendly and knowledgeable."  Jan K.

"As a women in her middle sixties, I found myself going to Mexico for the very first time. With that, you must prepare your skin. For Christmas I got a gift certificate to tan as much as I needed to for a month. First time I have ever been in a tanning bed and boy was I scared. Not only scared but also claustrophobic! What I thought to be overwhelming, turned out to be one of the best experiences of my life! I arrive with my little bag and a towel to cover what I don't want to tan and thank heaven Linda was there! Just talking with her, was like taking Valium. I was a little antsy with the top coming down, but Linda assured me I can, at any time, lift it up. She was wonderful!!!!! All the staff is great with me all of the time. I prepared my skin and went to Mexico. When I got home, I bought a year membership and I continue to tan 2 to 3 times a week! I love it and will continue to buy a membership as long as I can. I highly recommend Sun-Kissed Tan to everyone!" - Jan M.

"I've been tanning at Sun-Kissed for years. The staff is always so friendly and they get to know you by name. You can always walk right in and almost never have to wait for a bed. There is a huge selection of lotions and great items. Linda has done a fabulous job with this business and I love tanning at Sun-Kissed!" - Angie N.

"I've been a Sun-Kissed member for two years now and I absolutely love the fact that they let people know they are Christians with their music and merchandise they sell.  In today's world that's a rare find.  The staff is always so friendly and helpful.  The vitamin D I get when I tan changes my day and helps my depression all season long.  The hours are flexible and convenient for my schedule.  As a member I save lots of $.  The pricing is so reasonable.  I feel so much better with a tan and I know I look better too!  Tan at Sun-Kissed and feel good!!"  - Kathy P.