Sun-Kissed Tan

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We believe that a base tan is a smart thing.  Indoor tanning is the most reliable and controlled source of Vitamin D on the planet!  We would like to encourage everyone to do their own research on the matter, not just listen to the media, medical industry, dermatological industry, drug companies or anyone else that has a negative opinion of our industry!  Here are some websites that will give you our point of view!  There is no life without The Son or the sun!!  Let it shine!!!!

New book recommends non-burning sun exposure, citing research on sun, vitamin d, and disease risk.   "Embrace the Sun", by authors Marc B. Sorenson, Ed.D., and William B. Grant, Ph.D.  Available on Amazon!

Sun Power!  "While discussions about the benefits of sun exposure typically center around vitamin D, UVB exposure has a number of other positive effects unrelated to vitamin D production, including enhancement of mood and energy, melatonin regulation, suppression of MS symptoms and the treatment of skin diseases." - Dr. Mercola  (Smart Tan Magazine March 2016)

Check out  for info on sunscreens!

We have a great selection of educational pamphlets and articles at the salon for you to read.  Some are free to take home!

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