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Kissed By The Sun

Be a YEAR member for as little as $325+tx.  Feel good and get your vitamin D year round at Sun-Kissed!

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At Sun-Kissed our sun always shines. Get your tan here and feel good year round, no matter what the crazy weather is outside!

We all know that the weather outside is unpredictable! Ours is consistent. You can always get a natural dose of Vitamin D right here! Sun-Kissed Tan has daily specials right here and on Twitter and Facebook - things that help you get through any season happily. 

While you're at Sun-Kissed, use any of our beds to keep that look going. The Matrix is the choice more and more busy tanners are using to keep that golden tan - fewer sessions by using the Matrix allows you to have more time for busy errands!

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There is no life without the Son or the sun!
"Humans make thousands of units of Vitamin D within minutes of whole-body exposure to sunlight!"  Dr John Cannell (Vitamin D Council)

What drives the Anti-Tanning Message:  Sunshine is free - it has no marketing department for its life-giving benefits.  If a pharmaceutical company patented and sold sunshine, the public message we receive about it would be completely different.  Instead, the professional indoor tanning community is the only entity in a position to challenge the $35 billion anti-UV industry's total sun abstinence messaging.  This explains why indoor tanning is under attack from this powerful coalition of industries who profit from the exaggerated and largely unsubstantiated anti-UV message.

To all of our customers,

We have closed the entrance to our parking on 17th street in order to maintain the condition of our property and most importantly the safety of our clients!  We have had too many close calls with accidents due to the increased traffic on our lot.  Unfortunately the general public uses business parking lots as through streets.  The congestion that this causes is a safety matter and more inconvenient than it is to go around the block.  We sincerely have our clients best interest in mind and for that reason made this decision.  We appreciate your understanding!

Rich and Linda

Sun-Kissed Tan

Now offering Spray Tan by Norvell by appointment.  Give us a call for details!