Sun-Kissed Tan

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Kissed By The Sun

At Sun-Kissed our sun always shines. Get your tan here and feel good year round, no matter what the crazy weather is outside!

We all know that the weather outside is unpredictable! Ours is consistent. You can always get a natural dose of Vitamin D right here! Sun-Kissed Tan has daily specials right here and on Twitter and Facebook - things that help you get through any season happily. 

While you're at Sun-Kissed, use any of our beds to keep that look going. The Matrix is the choice more and more busy tanners are using to keep that golden tan - fewer sessions by using the Matrix allows you to have more time for busy errands!

Now offering Spray Tan by Norvell by appointment.  Give us a call for details!

The State of Minnesota has completely banned tanning for anyone under 18, effective August 1st, 2014.  We do not agree with this ban and encourage everyone to sign our petition and to contact our Representative Denny McNamara and let him know you disagree with this ban.  We have an educational page with resources you can look at to get our side of this issue!  Please don't believe all the negative information you hear.  Do your own research and get the facts!